‘Wolf Boy’ Shon Hee Kim ‘s reunion with the director’ s movie ‘Victory Ho’ (gaeseu), Song Ji Kee, Kim Tae Ri, July starts in full-scale shooting.

The movie “Victory Ho” (gangster) said, “We will show a different masterpiece of science fiction armed with the sights and stories that we have never seen before in the universe of the endless unfolding of Korean movies.”

The actor Song Jung Ki plays the role of ‘Taeho’ pilot pilot of ‘Victory Ho’, which is always known for everything that is money. The ‘warships’ will return to the screen after two years. Kim Tae-li plays the captain who leads the victory with great momentum to bend the whole universe. The movie ‘Girl’, ‘1987’, ‘Little Forest’, the drama ‘Sean Shine’ has continued to showcase the show.

‘Tiger Park’, a sweet-bodied slave of ‘Victory Ho’, attracted attention as a ‘crime city’, and Jinsun Kyu, who mobilized 16 million viewers as a movie ‘extreme job’ Actor Yoo Hae-jin, who has been active in ‘Lucky’, ‘Hands-on’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘1987’, ‘Malmoy’, etc., unveils new performances with robot motion capture and voice acting for the first time in Korea.

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