The UK licensed fashion culture magazine ‘Dazed’ Korea released the pictorial of Seventeen Min Kyu in March 2019.

In the public photo, Minhyu caught the eye at once with his charismatic look and sexy male beauty.

In a tight close-up cut, Minhyu showed off his unique visuals with a distinctive look with clear and sexy faces wearing casual jeansets. In the black and white photographs, he added a sense of dignity to the styling of knit and pointed shoes that fit the body.

In addition, the red-haired Hawaiian shirt, which is difficult to match, was completely digested in the style of Ming Guy’s, and stared at the front with intense eyes and gave a dreamy atmosphere.

Minhyu is known to be interested in fashion and photography.

Although he is the first solo photographer, he has been shooting with various poses and expressions using styling at the photo shoot. He has shown professionalism and impressed people. In addition, through the interviews, I also conveyed my story in a sincere and plain manner.

Min Kyu’s special pictures and interviews with this versatile appearance of a new ‘picture craftsman’ can be found on the website of ‘Days’ Korea’ in March 2019 and on the homepage.

Meanwhile, Seventeen, who is a member of Min Kyu, will hold a third fan meeting ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND’ in Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium for three days from March 8th to 10th.

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