On the 11th, in TV Chosun’s’Sikgaek Heo Youngman’s White Ban Journey’, singer Min Hae-kyung along with Heo Young-man on a trip to the Paju table gathered attention. 

Singer Min Hae-kyung, who caught up in the 80s on this day, said, “In fact, the reason I came out here was because I wanted to see you after interpreting the taste well.” So embarrassedly, Heo Young-man turned to “Are you married?” Min Hae-kyung smiled and said, “Of course I did. I also have a daughter.”

When asked what kind of work her husband is doing, Min Hae-kyung said, “I am in a trade business. He is sincere and makes good money. He is five years younger than me.” He caused laughter as he fell in love with her husband. 

The two people admire while tasting Paju Crab Maeuntang and Bumbok. Heo Young-man asked, “When did you start cooking?” Min Hae-kyung said, “It hasn’t been a long time since I cooked, but it has been about 10 years. Even if it doesn’t taste good, I eat everything. 

Min Hae-kyung said, “Once I put sesame oil in seaweed, sesame salt, salt, onions, and green onions. I think I also added red pepper powder. But I didn’t eat it because it tasted strange, but my husband ate everything without leaving anything behind.” Heo Young-man said, “I met a very good husband.” In response, Min Hae-kyung could not hide her affection for her husband, saying, “He is a very good person for me.” 

While visiting a 60-year-old Chinese restaurant, the talk of the two continued. Heo Youngman asked, “didn’t you have a lot of consolation performances?” and Min Haekyung said, “At that time, it was like I occupied it. ‘You are a rose’,’A girl’s love story’,’You are laughing like a doll,’ etc. were hit songs.” He did not hide that he was the queen of the performance at the time. 

In addition, Min Hae-kyung, who admired that it was really delicious while eating fried pork, said, “I have to go cheap.” Also, when asked about her daughter’s diet, she said, “It’s a bit similar to me, but I eat meat well. My daughter doesn’t like to go out and eat. We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home if there is nothing special.” Heo Young-man said, “You hate it in the restaurant,” and laughed. 

He mentioned the opportunity to become a singer while going to eat Jangdankong set meal. Min Hae-kyung said, “Because there are many families, the family was in a bad situation. I hated poverty so much. That’s why I sang songs in the night business when I was in my second year of high school just to make money.” 

Min Hae-kyung, who was a proud girl at the time, said, “Without fear, I wore a school uniform and saw that it was an audition at a night business. I saw and passed, and I just worked there. There are many different types of Dung Yongmun now, but in those days, when singing in a night business like that, it was said that it would get into the ears of the managers with word of mouth. That’s why I met the producer and made my debut,” he said honestly about the story behind his debut. 

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