Jun, Min Kyu, and Vernon made their debut in the April issue of the fashion magazine ‘Arena Homme Plus’ to reveal their unique charm.

In the open photos, Joon and Min Kyu showed off an extraordinary visual that stands out in a slimy side line, emanating a calm and charisma with a languid atmosphere, and Vernon staring at the camera with his restrained sexy, revealing the deadly and chic charm.

In addition, in the group photographs of all four members, the white and blue shirts added a sophisticated look with a modern feel, as well as attracting viewers with deep eyes.

Especially, this year’s picture was focused on not only hip-hop, vocals, and performance members, but also a different combination of them. In addition, the four actresses also acted like a ‘pictorial artisan’ And it also gave me a unique charm.

In addition, Min-gyu, Deng, and Vernon, who completely digested all the looks of the wide-ranging style that suits the upcoming spring, showcased professional friendship as well as professionally looking at each other’s images at the photo shoot. The back door that made it warm.

The four members of the cross-over encounter in the bright encounter, the interview and the genuine thoughts can be found in the ‘April Homme Plus’ April issue.

On the other hand, Seventeen is coming to Japan Tour ‘SEVENTEEN 2019 JAPAN TOUR’ HARU ‘from April 2nd.

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