Boy BAP with the demolition contract termination, employee members of the dismantled state of mind.

“I think we will be able to do the same thing again someday, although we have not been able to do it right now because we have different circumstances and plans are different in the future,” he said. I want to focus more on what I wanted to do. ”

“I did not say that it was dismantled,” he said. “There are people who want to do it alone, and there are situations in which they can not do it together, so they decided to cheer each other out.” Of course, the work has shown its intentions to fans who have always been cheering.

“I am very sorry for not being able to act as a BAP,” but added, “I will accept the situation now and support each other’s path.”

After leaving TS Entertainment, he said he wanted to expand his talent as a solo singer. “I want to concentrate on the music I wanted to do and the performance I wanted to do,” he said. “I want to meet good people and get back on stage.”

TS Entertainment announced on the same day that “the exclusive contract with the BAP member-minded Dae-Hyun Gifted and Talented Worker has expired” and “agreed to seek their own way.”

BAP debuted in 2012 and got a great deal of love with the showcase of the concert in Korea. It was a great success, not only in Korea but also overseas, but in 2014, it disputed with the agency due to excessive schedule and settlement problem. After 9 months, he closed the conflict and returned to his agency.

Since then, the member has ceased operations due to panic disorder in 2016 and left the team in 2018. The youngest player, Jello, also left the team last December and the remaining members of the team went on a tour of North America and finished the last activity.

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