Shin Se-kyung and Cha Eun-woo’s fill-filled romance were on the rise. In response, two undisclosed stills of ‘Shim Kung Heart’ are in full bloom.

MBC’s tree drama ‘New Admission Officer Gu Hae-Ryung (played by Kim Ho-su / directed by Kang Il-soo, Han Hyun-hee / produced by Green Snake Media)’ announced the highest rating of 7.6% in its own audience. Behind the scenes cut.

Shin Hae-gyeong, Cha Eun-woo, and Park Ki-woong, the new entrant Gu Hae-ryeong, is the first problem of Joseon’s first problem. Young actors such as Lee Ji-hoon and Park Ji-hyun and actresses such as Kim, Jin-jin, Kim Min-sang,

Last week, in the 9-12th meeting of the ‘new recruits’ Gu-Hae Hae-ryong’, it was shown that Hae-ryeong and Lee-ri met with each other and became close to each other. Hae-Ryong, who had been saddened by Lee-Mim who concealed his identity, began to open his heart to him who knew himself unconsciously, including comforting himself depressed by the appeal of Gwangheung-chang absurdity. Among them, the two of them embraced the lofty embrace and the first lie to flatter viewers.

In the open photo, a carpet of a heartbreaking heart and a smiling flower smile were captured. They did not even know that it was time for curfew, and the two people who were in the middle of coverage were hugging their superiors in order to avoid the Sara.

In addition, the site of the first bedding of Hailim and Ilim was also released. Shin Se-kyung, who plays the ridge that can’t sleep anymore, and Cha Eun-woo’s fresh head on the screen, causes the viewer to be excited.

On the other hand, Hae-Ryong receives tears from his senior officers with his whole body in remorse regarding the absurdity of Gwangheung-Chang. The viewers praised the delicate warmth of Shin Se Kyung and the acclaimed chaos of Wu with respect for her in her own way. As a result, 10 times of ‘New Enroller Gu Hae-ryeong’ recorded 7.6% of viewer ratings based on Nielsen metropolitan households, adding new meaning to its highest ratings and 1st place in tree dramas.

On the other hand, the car that is called “Sparrow” and plays a big role as ‘Geese’ for her only. He gave strength to her by helping to hunt down the horrible horror bomb in the collective strike of the frosts. Especially, the most gruesome thing that can happen in the old palaces is the ‘rescue of the rescuers’, which gave a warm smile to the viewers.

Finally, he draws attention to Yirim, who tells him that he can not write any more, and that he wants to write his own writing. After writing the poem, “My Love Long Lives and Be My Master forever,” Irim not only hesitated to give Hae-yeong, but also raised expectations about how their relationship could be developed.

The new entrant Gu Hae-ryeong said, “Hae-ryeong, Ilim’s ‘Halim Children’ gave us a big love, and achieved the highest ratings in Korea. I am shooting with joyful and grateful mind. I hope to see two people growing up holding hands each other this week.

Shin Se-kyung, Cha Eun-woo, and Park Ki-woong will be broadcast 13-14 times at 8:55 pm on Wednesday the 7th.

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