MBC new tree drama ‘red moon blue sun’ (play Do Hyun Jung / directing Choi Jeong-gyu / production Mega monster) was broadcast on November 21 first. From the first time, “Red Moon Blue Sea” captivated viewers with heart-stopping tension, shock development, and crazy immersion.

Especially murder case, questionnaire green dress girl, remaining poetry like the link of events, child abuse etc., Showed why ‘red moon blue sun’ is a problem to be sure to see.

On November 22, the production team of ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ predicted the first appearance of Eun-ho (Cha, Gyun-yeon), a suspicious person who was wrapped in veil before broadcasting three or four times. Jeon Seo-young (Nam Kyu Lee), who remained a mysterious figure in the previous two endings, appeared meaningfully and held the audience’s breath.

According to Nielsen Korea, the preview of the “Red Moon Blue Sea” broadcast on Nov. 21 skyrocketed to 7.1% (the metropolitan area) at the moment, showing how powerful the viewers are about the next time.

So what follows is another focus of attention on the story of Eunho Lee, another mystery character. In the open photo, Lee Eun-ho plays with Kim Eun-seo (Jung Il-jin), daughter of Chae Woo-kyung (Kim Sun-aa) in the drama in a vinyl house with small pots scattered. Thanks to Lee Eun-ho, the child’s face, which is bursting with laughter, causes joy and anxiety somewhere.

In the following pictures, the eunuch ‘s mysterious and sour feelings come in more intensely. His expressionless face seems to have no emotion at first sight, but it is cold enough to look cold when you grasp it. Here, unlike when playing with a child, it is difficult to meet other people’s eyes, avoiding them, and the eyes that seem to contain more stories because they are not exposed.

Lee Eun-ho is a 20-something man who works in the facility management room of Hanool Center. She is speechless and introspective, but she is a brilliantly bright and happy smile when she is with children. No one knows what secret he hides behind his good looks. Lee Eun-ho, who has such a secret, is the first to appear with the same meaningful and mysterious feeling as today (22nd).

In this regard, the production team of ‘Red Moon Blue Sea’ said, “Lee Eun-ho is a character with both lightness and darkness. It is important that the actor’s delicacy and concentration are important not only in the visual images but also in character expressions. Cha, Gak – yeon, is doing his best to approach the character named ‘Lee Eun – ho’. It is expected that his efforts will stand out from the first appearance on this day (22nd). Lee Eun-ho, a mysterious actor who makes a car, and I would like your interest and expectation for the shock that Lee Eun-ho will give to viewers. ”

On the other hand, MBC’s new drama “Red Moon Blue Sea” is a mystery thriller that tracks the truth with a clue to a woman’s poetry facing a child of doubt, a question of doubt. Three or four times of ‘red moon blue sun’ which turned upside down from the first floor of the house and blowing over shocked at the first is broadcast on Thursday night at 10:00 today (22nd).

The netizens have various social networking sites and portal sites, “I can not wait to postpone the act of Lee Eunho,” “I am so curious about the next part because I am thrilled yesterday,” “Fighting! I’ll cheer the starlight. ”

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