By MBC ‘Show! Music center “has come up with more upgraded viewers.

Last week, a new logo and a new ‘change’ announcement! Music center ‘will utilize various charts to enhance the color of the ranking system, and to change into a more professionalized ranking program that is more objective.

Especially, on the 8th broadcast, ‘Movie Clip TOP5’ chart will be created based on the number of video views of the portal site, and it will be illuminated with professional charts based on various genre songs that are popular with the public in the future.

On the other hand, on the day of the broadcast, the band covers the latest popular songs with unbreakable genre and lyrics, and “In the Tundra Tiger,” Yoon Inh, who wielded YouTube, plays a special stage. Kwon In-ha has been popular with young people in their 20s and 30s, and has reached 210,000 subscribers and 347,000 viewers, the highest number of male solo singers in Korea.

After 35 years debut ‘Show’! Kwon In-ha, who debuted in the music center, will cover his first remake of the drama, “My Last Say I Could Not Do for You”, and raise his curiosity about his stage to be completed with his voice.

‘Show! Music Center ‘will continue to use various charts to enhance professionalism, as well as’ show! Music stage “that will be seen only in the music center.

MBC ‘Show! Music Center ‘is broadcast every Saturday at 3:35 pm.

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