As judges, Pio and Yoo Kwon of the multi-functional stone block rabbi who received the arts, and former secretary Hyosung who recently presented the sweet stage in the “Chocolate Factory” and “Masked Wang” joined the new group.

The first actor, “Masked King,” appeared to be in trouble when he asked the question of the identity of a masked singer, saying “I do not know at all.” This is the back door, which was satisfied with Kim Gulla, the mastermind of the “Masked King”.

The performance of the blockbee continued in personal period. It is better to be on the stage confidently in the challenge of a masked singer as long as you can do ‘ass whip’ better than idol. In addition, it added to the whole Hyosung which is the master of the original dancing dance, and the fierce personal confrontation of the judge and the masked singer became hotter.

The judging team of Blockbee, who can not be believed by the judging team, can be confirmed at 5 pm on Sunday (9th) at MBC ‘Masked Wang’.

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