The MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ is scheduled to be introduced every day (10th to 16th) with other idol guests and introducing the music that the guest likes.

The cast includes 10 days Stray Kids Hyun Jin, Astro Moonbin on November 11, The Boys Young Hoon on December 12, and SF9 Whistle on March 13, 14 girlfriend Galaxy & Thumb on 14, JBJ95 Kenta on June 15,

This broadcast will be an opportunity to learn about the true story of the idol members and their musical tastes that were difficult to meet in the team activities.

The Idol Playlist featured on “Idol Radio” will be available at Voice Only from Naver V Live Application (V App) every night from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th at 9 ~ 10 o’clock. MBC Standard FM Seoul 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini.

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