MBC New Moonhwa drama ‘Gujung Man and Woman’s Season 2’ scheduled for the first time in June will release a still-cut picture of Jung Yoo Mi, who plays the so-called ‘first grade test’

MBC is the first real-coinage rumor that returned from the “veteran man and woman season 2”, a crime that evolved but advanced cooperation. It is my first season drama to be introduced.

Jeong Yum-mi, who plays the role of a silver lion, was greatly loved by the way he co-operated with Jeong Jae-young in last year’s’ Gujo Law Man and Woman ‘. He predicted that he will face a mysterious case with a more mature attitude in’ It is raising the expectation of viewers expecting another attraction of Jung Yum Mi.

In particular, Jung-yum, in a public photo, overwhelms the courtroom with a careful look. She takes off the new test and shows her more mature charm. She will show how she will grow once again through the events of the future. Is waiting for the viewer is wondering.

So, Jeong, Yoo-mi of Seoul National University said, “The time concept is set about one year later than the” penalty man and woman. “So I tried to express the appearance of the pro test instead of the first test,” he said. I would like you to watch them. ”

In addition, Roh Dor-chul PD said, “If you think of a character who has grown the most through the incident and accident, it seems to be a gun. Actor Jung Yumi is catching that part smartly and is trying to express it with her own silver ball. “Nevertheless, she plans to capture the hearts of viewers with her unchanging warm personality and confidence. I would like your interest and love. ”

On the other hand, MBC’s new monthly drama “Gob Man 2 Season 2”, which will be broadcast first on June 3, will be broadcasted at 9:00 pm, which will be pulled from 10:00 to 1:00, due to MBC change .

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