Among them, the change of Kim, Min-gyu-chae-jin, who is receiving the most support from the viewers and the netizens, was most noticeable. In the last Gyeongju trip, since the choice of Oh Seung Yoon and Joo Woo Jae who appeared as a new member of the club, the hearts of the two people began to be intertwined, and Kim Min Kyu expressed a lonely heart in the image of Chae Ji who had a good time with them. Kim Min-gyu surprised the viewers by choosing Ji-yun Mi instead of Chae Ji-an at “Going with me”.

Kim Min – kyu did not give a shot to Chae – jin in the “Love of Hogu” that was broadcast yesterday, and the two people could not hide their awkward appearance.In this situation, Cho Soo-hyun , who appeared as a new member of women, expressed a favorable response to Kim Min-kyu. Kim Min-gyu also came into the club and got a new life. The chase looked at these two affectionate people in silence.

On the OTHER hand, Park Sung – Kwang – Yoon Sun – Young Couples, the WHO have ares Lot of fans The the AS-well the AS Kim Min – Gyu – Chae – Oh, Seung-yoon and Yoon Sun-yoon, the WHO had ares Chance to have ares meal together at random through a random lunch , carefully expressed their love for each other and announced a new love line.

Especially, Oh Seung-yun told Yun Sun-young, “I watched the broadcast and it was different from the image I saw in Gyeongju.”I wanted to present this book when I had the chance,” she said, reaching out to her with an unexpected book gift. Yoo Seung-yun’s “I seem to have traveled with my boyfriend” in the active aspect of Oh Seung-yoon.

Park Sung – gwang showed uncomfortable planting in the appearance of two people who were approaching very closely, but three people were aboard a vehicle going to the hostel, and Park Sung – kwang and Oh Seung – yun controlled each other with Yun Sunyoung. Park Seong-gwang, who was naturally alienated by the conversation between Oh Seung-yoon and Yun Seon Young who sat together in the back seats, gave the sadness of the viewers.

How can the affection line of six men and women twisted like a thread in a love hurricane that hits the love affair of ‘hugu’ can be confirmed at 9:05 every night ‘exciting romance – love of hugo’.

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