The sixth OST “Loss Of Memory” of MBC daily drama ‘Yongwangnam Bowhisa’ which is gathering every topic after the broadcast will be open at 12:00 on the 7th today.

The 6th OST ‘Loss Of Memory’ of ‘Yongwangnam Bowhisa’ is a song that shows the delicate expressions of the princess who has a sad but sad voice. In addition, ‘Loss Of Memory’ is a collaboration of composer Kim Yong Yong and Keyman who are constantly working in the field of drama OST, maximizing the love line of Lee So Yeon (Sim Cheong Lee) and Jae Hee It is a tune.

Also, this OST part.6 is filled with the sensibility of Prince and she is known for her unique charm.

The princess debuted in the music world in earnest in 2015 with the release of the single, ‘When, We’. It is loved by warm and delicate tone and sensitivity. In April last year, he has been actively performing such activities as releasing a single “Such Day”.

The MBC daily drama ‘Yongwangnam Bowhasa’ is a modern version of a modern version of the ‘absolute view’ that seeks to discover the secrets of lost love and life, meet a pianist who only sees the world in black and white, This is a drama about the story.

The OST of “Yongwangnam Bowhisa” is composed of Seo In-young’s “Rainbow Resembling You”, Seo Chang-hoon’s “Chopped Day”, Jinju’s “Run to You”, Suk Hee’s “That’s What I Am,” and “Loss Of Memory” The best singers in Korea, who are both talented and popular, participate in singing and are receiving the attention and love of the public. Also, Sook-hee “That’s What I Am” is the first in the cacao music real-time chart.

Meanwhile, the 6th OST ‘Loss Of Memory’ of MBC daily drama ‘Yongwangnam Bowhisa’ that the princess participated will be released at 12:00 on the 7th.

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