“This release of the Bullet-proof Boys and Mattel’s collectibles fashion collection dolls is based on the concept of the seven members of the Bullet-proof Boys and appeared in the” Idol “music video,” said Matthew. The total height of the dolls is 11 inches (28cm), representing not only the sculpted faces and features of each member, but also eleven movements that fans express the choreography of the bulletproof boys or photo pose. It is custom made so that you can do it. ”

Photos of this product to be sold for $ 19.99 for each member of Jin (Kim Seok-jin), Suga (Min Woon Gi), Jihop (Jung Ho Jung), RM (Kim Nam Joon), Ji Min (Park Ji Min), Bu (Kim Tae Hyung) After being released, fan clubs around the world, as well as the fan club ‘Ami’, are reacting to the absurdity of the dolls. The fans expected to recreate the appearance of the members, but it was difficult to characterize who was who but who was who but the external features of one or two members.

Mattel’s SNS has a high ranking in the global trends and fans of BTS around the world are commenting on their posts saying, “Thanks for your efforts.” But most ‘Ami’ are saying “BTS is not easy to imitate too!” And this Barbie doll has proved that it proved the existence of BTS further.

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