Lovelys Ryu Soojung and Yoo Jae-ga solved a colorful story from diet to role model.

The two of them interviewed after shooting bnt pictured and asked about their current situation. After completing their sixth mini album ‘Once Upon a time’, they said that they wanted to attend the concert. About the album Ryu Soo-jung said, “It is good for many people to listen because it is an album that anyone can remember and remember their first love in their heart.” We talked about the appearance of the music broadcasting with the sense that it became a topic, and both of them said that they enjoyed shopping because they are interested in fashion usually.

When asked about the opportunity to dream of a singer, Ryu Soo-jung said, “I was dreaming of idol by seeing Wonder Girls senior at elementary school.” I went to see the audition of the company together with the invitation of my friends, but I passed alone. When asked about the reasons for her acting as a real name, Ji Ae is Mnet ‘s Infinite before her debut! You appear in my brother ‘s name and it’ s known to be working.

When asked about the group name “Lovelies,” they both liked the question. The members told me that the managers were more embarrassed. As a concept I would like to try to challenge, I chose a girl (kids) and a black pink crush.

They are good with the members and they are not awkward with anybody. I have been enjoying a nightclub every day while living in a hostel, but I have also uncovered an episode in which each person tastes different. His usual personality is both brilliant and bright. He added that it is a problem because it is not too pretentious. As for the diet, I did not do my diet since “‘Destiny (My Earth)”. And it seems that this job can be healthy. ”

As a good girl group, Ryu Soo – jeong said, “If you are not a girl group, you will not be able to laugh, dance and sing on stage.” Keeping a lot of love for the fans is a good idea. “Thanks to the cheering of fans, trembling turned to pride,” he showed a deep affection for fans.

When asked about the entertainment programs that he would like to appear in, Ryu Soo-jung appeared on MBC ‘I Live Alone’ and said he would like to show a natural look. Jyoue Ahn is more interested in radio DJ than entertainment.

When asked about the role model, Ryu Soo-jeong said that he wanted to make his own color and to be a role model of someone rather than to determine a role model. Following Yoo Ji-ae is said and what I want to be loved and envy cited the IU.

As an activity plan, Ryu Soo Jung said that he will show a lot of good songs as his first solo activity in the TV program “Neutro Sensibility Music Travel: Neighborhood Album”. Asked whether he would like to remain a singer to the public, he asked, “I want to be like Bob who always has to bite daily without getting bored. I want you to find our music for so long. ”

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