The girl group LOONA of the month met at a cafe in Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul last 20 days.

Despite not being so cramped inside, the cafe filled up as twelve girls entered. During the filming session, they drank coffee and talked, and some members of the reporter met again in a month. Certainly the energy given by 12 people was different.

Those who have released the repackage album ‘X X’ (multiple multiple) on the 19th have to start full-fledged activities to digest busy schedules. They are waiting for us, but they are not able to hide their faces, saying “I missed the stage.” Star News met this month ‘s girl and talked.

-Nice to meet you. Do you usually enjoy coffee?

▶ Sure. I usually go to a cafe often when I meet friends and acquaintances. I use it often. Especially I like to visit beautiful cafe, but I like the vintage and antique atmosphere where I interview today. (Chu)

▶ We all like coffee and dessert. I also like restaurants and I often go there. I like delicious coffee and signature menu with an interview today. (Hee-jin)

– I come back after a long time. I’m curious about your testimony.

▶ I prepared my debut album hard, but I prepared this album really hard. So the word comeback seems to be getting bigger. I also had a concert last weekend and it was good. I hope this month ‘s girl will go up like a butterfly. (Kim, Kim)

▶ Especially, I can show you another girl of this month with a different concept from the debut song ‘Hi-ha’. I want to let the public know that there are many images of this month’s girl. (Mt. Olivia)

– There was a gap of about five months.

▶ Five months I felt a long time. I think it was because of the nostalgia for the stage and the idea that I want to start a day as soon as possible. It seems that everyone has grown both internally and professionally by preparing with such a mind. (Eve)

▶ On the contrary, I felt short. I returned it until the New Year holidays and watched the concert tomorrow. haha. (이리)

– The fans’ expectation for the new album was big, was there any pressure?

▶ I felt that I wanted to show it sooner rather than burdening myself. Because the song was so good from the first time I received this ‘Butterfly’ song. I wanted to show the stage of the girl of this month soon. (Jinsol)

– In particular, the title song ‘Butterfly’ was released at the same time as the chart.

▶ I was so happy. On the 19th day of our album, we were communicating with our fans through the V app. It was more meaningful to be able to meet that moment with the fans. I was worried about how I would get a 180 degree atmosphere from my debut. I’m glad I have a good reaction. (Plateau)

▶ It was happier for us to be the first to play chart in this time. Now that we are showing the stage through music broadcasting activities, I would like to appeal our charms and go up to a higher ranking. (Heejin)

▶ I heard that hope is big thing? haha. Of course, it is very good if you take 1st place on the chart. Also, I have been up to 1st place in music broadcasting in my last activity. I feel sorry that I want to be in the first place. (Harsh)

– I also ranked # 1 on iTunes 26 countries album charts. Thank you. There are so many fans abroad. Actually, it’s still amazing. It is still wonderful and thankful that you are like us and you sing along with our songs. Please keep loving because we will work harder. Until the day when it becomes known more and becomes a world star! (Mt. Olivia)

– I wonder if you have seen public reactions such as comments. If you did, could you name the most memorable stories? ▶ I remember that the girl of this month is our future. It means that you are looking at us so much and that we are looking forward to the future.

I will do my best to realize that. (Choi)

– Is there an album name ‘XX’ interpreted by girl members of this month?

▶ If you have the charm of the 12 girls of this month through your debut album ‘+ +’, it interpreted that the album ‘XX’ multiplied the charm. haha. I think it would be nice if you could look at the public. (Hassle)

– The message of the title song ‘Butterfly’ is impressive. There is a lot of favorable opinion about music video. ▶ The music video of the idol group that emphasized this message is also uncommon. As we emphasize the message, we are relatively satisfied with the result, although we do not know what the fans will think of our reduced volume.

‘You too, the girl of the month’ I think it’s a good message. (Eve)

– If you look at the lyrics, it sounds like a promise to the girl this month.

▶ That’s right. Even though our music and activities are small movements now, if you work hard, this is the “butterfly effect” that contains the aspirations of this month’s girl who will grow up and go higher. (Chu)

▶ I hope that people around the world will sympathize with our story sometime like the message of the song. In order to do so, we plan to run without hesitation. (Eve)

– Do you have the most nervous points in preparing for a comeback? The public wants to see this.
▶ As the title song is ‘Butterfly’, it is not easy to follow but it is hard to follow. I hope you will take a look at this part. (Jinsol)

▶ There are a lot of choreographers who have butterflies, but there are a lot of expressions in all 12 people. I can not get a picture out of one person. I want you to look at the synergy of this month through this appearance. (Heejin)

▶ Especially the debut song ‘Hi-ha’ is such a bright and energetic image. If it was a little more public-friendly, I wanted to emphasize the artistry of this month’s girl, our own color and the charm of each member through this Butterfly. (Hyun Jin)

– I feel confident in this month’s girl who answers.

▶ I am confident that I have prepared songs and stages beautifully as I prepared hard for 5 months. There is a lot of choreographed girl groups. I’m proud of you.(Mt. Olivia)

▶ I am also proud that all 12 members are members selected through a large project. I think that the stage is never pushed because I prepared hard again. Of course, the public is evaluating, but we have confidence. (Hyun-jin) Through this activity, what kind of evaluation would you want the girl of this month to hear from the public?

▶ I think that the color of each song is different and we can show various aspects through our world view. So I want to hear ‘This month’ s girl is good at this concept ‘and’ Every member has a charm ‘through this activity. (Bibi)

– I finished the solo concert ahead of the comeback.
▶ It was the second concert so I did not feel like the debut concert. I’ve been there for two days, and I’m more excited because it’s my first time to show off my stage. I was excited because I was meeting fans for a long time. ( Bibi )
▶ At this concert I showed you all the songs including ‘Butterfly’. I was so excited to tell fans that our energy was delivered. I think our minds are well communicated. (Harsh)
▶ Especially at this concert, Yves and Ashjin sister were injured. We are glad to be with you now, but we were so surprised at the time. On the second day, I was on stage from 10 people because I was wounded. I felt the importance of the members. (Kim)

– How is your body now?
▶ The fans would be surprised, but now I’m fine. (Aftershock)
▶ I was so sad that I could not do my best due to injury during the concert. I am sorry to see that the performances we have prepared so hard are not completed because of me. (Eve)

– What year was 2018?

▶ It was the first year for the first time, and it was the year I made my debut. So it seemed that we were full of anticipation. I was busy preparing for my debut, but the throbbing feeling was not that hard, and it went crazy. So this year I am going to upgrade the look of the girl of this month . I hope it will burn up more this year. (Jinsol)

– It was a group that had a lot of expectations and made its debut through a big project. There is also an evaluation that the performance is poor compared to it. Is there any urgency to grow fast to meet your expectations?

▶ Now, I think it ‘s the first time to announce our color. It is also important to be a popular group by publicizing our names, but it is more important to color ourselves to the public without losing our pace. It is our mind that we want to lead the trend even if it is slow rather than hasty. (Oliver Hye)
▶ If you are known to the public first, and you are loved by an easy hook to call it, it is a success indicator of the girl group . We think that we are pioneering a new way rather than following it. I do not think I should be going if I try to follow my impatient mind. (Eve)

– There are a lot of songs that I have released so far to debut project.
▶ So if you have one wish. Through this title song ‘Butterfly’ I want you to find out that the public is not bad for our vocals. I’ve released a total of 60 songs, including individual songs. I would be grateful if you could find me a lot and listen to me. (Aftershock)

– Is there a goal for this month’s girl?

▶ I am sure that overseas fans will pay attention to us a lot, so I want to grow up and try the World Tour. I want to be a regular guest at the end of the year awards. I will try it within one year. let’s do our best! (Chu)

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