The BlockBerry Creative girl group debuted in 2018 with “Hi High” after a pre-debut project that lasted almost two years. The project featured introductions of each of the members through solo MVs and sub-units, and the group developed a large international fanbase during that time.

After her debut project, which took about two years, she made her debut in the music industry as a whole and proved her status as a ‘ monster rookie ‘ with her remarkable performance . It is the goal of this month ‘s girl to become a ‘ national girl group ‘ , showing her further development .

The girl of this month is now ahead of her second complete activity . Last year’s debut album ‘++ (plus plus ), the sale and with attractive contrasting ‘ page barley (favOriTe) ‘ and ‘ high-high (Hi High) ‘ with activities and solved a long thirst . After the debut of the first member Soo-jin in October , 2016 , his full debut was meaningful to the twelve members of the group in just two years , and also to the ” Owl ” ( fan club ) .

To the public ‘ Hello ‘ as personnel and , more filled with motivation willing to go high debut song ‘High High ‘ , like , girl of the month announced they grow and serves as a frightening momentum .8 activity during the period of the week, music broadcast , entertainment , pulled boasted a sense of entertainment appeared to radio , after the completion of activities adorned the stage to attend the various awards . As a result , two months of the girls ‘ advertising blue chip ‘ climbed to the left , ‘2018 MTV Europe Music Awards ‘ Best Korea Act and the ‘2019 First Brand Award ‘ won the women’s rookie idol .

This month’s girls, who have expressed their desire to become ‘ monster gods ‘ in the debut showcase, proved their skills with active activity . And 2019 years , two girls in two months ahead of the third-party monolith activities are moving towards a higher goal .

Heejin , Hyunjin and Kowon met Sporty News ahead of New Year’s Day and showed a bright smile even in busy schedule . I am busy preparing for a comeback and concert, but I was full of expectations and excitement about the second complete activity, and above all , I was delighted to meet with my fans again .

” 2019 is building more memories in the year , I’m happy with what you have filled . 2019 years , 2029 years , 2039 even two years old, I wish I could continue to share . I love you ! ” ( Hee-jin )

” 2019 Girl of the month in the year and many more are ready to make a comeback and yieoyo . I’m begging you expect a lot . 2019 Let’s meet each other happy years ! ” ( Hyun Jin )

” 2019 , the year I wish I could see more often than last year . I’d expect I’ll show you the girl of the month more growth . Ohbit ! Always together, please ! ” ( Plateau )

The girls of this month are preparing for the year 2019 with comeback and concert . I am planning a new album activity after meeting with fans first at the concert . Currently, comeback content is being released in sequence, raising expectations .

” I teaser has been released . The song debuted as shown in teaser ‘ High High ‘ unlike Would like to not show a little more chic differently . I wish I’d expect a lot .” ( Hyun Jin )

” This album is a concept I really like what is did not come out of the group . So I hope hope you get the feeling that the public are seeing really is new .” ( Hee Jin )

As the girl members of this month say, it is uncommon from the teaser . Hizul’s eyes were drawn to her appearance in the highland , where she ran toward something in Iceland, where she showed up, and Oliver Hye, who was in a local location in Paris . Especially in Icelandic language, ‘ flying like butterflies ‘ is being added, and the expectation is being infinitely amplified . Is certain ” high high ” than before but that ppunyiji of other attractions ‘ page barley , showed excellent digestibility concept with songs and solo pieces such as personal because girls are expected this month .

This month ‘s girl who wants to get a ” monster rookie ” in the debut showcase is now looking higher . This time qualifier you want to get the girl of the month is ” infinite development , ” the group make people ‘ it is . And I will get the prize at various awards and I want to announce the girl of this month more widely .

” I want to be a girl of the month for infinite development . And the group continues to develop , grow more while receiving recognition by the public , the National Girl Group ‘ I want to hear the word .” ( Hyun Jin )

” Some even want to get the concept modifier that can digest . ‘ High High ‘ than the other because I want the atmosphere called the group in which the concept can also be digested .” ( Plateau )

” The Awards jyeoteumyeon wish more . I guess better, whether some sectors in the end of the year awards . Want to receive performance awards , I’d like awards musically . I think that our own genre , I’d like to acknowledge that respect . ” ( Hee-jin )

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