TVN ‘Top star Yu Baek Lee’ Lee Sang Yeop’s interview was revealed. Kim Ji – seok – From the breathing with the.

The top star “Yu-Baek”, which is broadcasted first on the night of the 16th on Friday (Friday) at 11 pm, is the top star “Yu-Baek” Civilization conflict romance that meets the virgin ‘Kangsun’.

Lee Sang – yeop has played the role of the best top star, “Mae – Ma – gol”, in a play on a deep – sea fishing boat. Especially, Kim Ji-seok (Yoo Baek) and Jeon Sang-min (Oh Gang Soon) will make ‘Taste Chemi’ an interesting point.
Lee Sang-yeop said, “I had a great desire to act with two people from the past,” and said, “Ji-seok Lee is a person who is really good and makes people comfortable. Though there are not many scenes attached to the stone molds yet, it is good to look forward to the southern Nam-kemi that Miloburi and Madorid will show in the future. ”

Especially, he appeared together with the entertainment program. He is so close to Minmin, that he is pouring out a lot of ad-libs throughout the film so that he can almost play an ad-lib battle. The bishop seemed to be able to do for hours if he did not. “When we watch our drama, it will be fun to guess whether acting with Minmin is a script or ad-lib.”

In addition, Lee Sang – yeop has foreseen a strong performance as much as he is the best top star. “In order to be the best of the madrose, I need a witty wit and champion soup as well as a strong affinity that is comparable to Ojibun.” I still do not have the same massiveness and affinity for me, so I’m going to learn about this opportunity. ”

Finally, Lee Sang-yeop said, “It’s a charming character with a little bit of sadness and charisma, and a charming character.” “I will try to confront the coolness of Yu-Baek with the fun of Ma-dong.” He added that Brochemy was a point of view, so he raised expectations.

I am interested in transforming Lee ‘s smoke, which proved to be a solid and broad spectrum of smoke through’ This week my wife is making a wind ‘and’ While you are asleep. ‘

November 16 (Fri) The first broadcast at 11 pm. Q. I heard that I was filming in all locations in Daemdo Island . What if there are three things in there and what is not?

I have been living with my fellow actors – staffs for two months in Daemdo Island. Once in Daemo-do, I am happiest to have a rice car, and I have not only a turtle to eat with my sushi but also my favorite Oh Gang-seon. (Laughter) But there are no convenience stores or Wi-Fi. Especially the sadest thing is that I do not have my favorite dolls.

Q. I am curious about why I chose “Top Star Yu Baek Lee” and photographed episodes with my colleagues such as Kim Ji-seok and Jeon Sang-min.

I had a great desire to play with two people. It is a person who is really nice and makes people comfortable. There are not many scenes yet, but you can look forward to South-South Chemie, which will be shown by Yu-Bae Lee and Madorid in the future. And he is so close to Minmin that he has been putting a lot of ad-hits on each other so that he can almost play an ad-hoc battle throughout the shoot. I think it would be a few hours if the bishop did not stop it. When you see ‘Top Star Yu Baek Lee’, it will be fun to guess whether our acting is a script or ad lib.

Q. What is the charm of Choi Mae Sung who is against the strong abs of top star Yu Baek?

The charm of Choi Mae-stones is that it is a little boy’s sloppy and nimble, and charismatic manhood. I will try to confront the coolness of the milky one with the fun of the magic. (Laughter)

Q. What are the three most important things you need to become a top star? I wonder how much synchro rate I think with myself.

Like Madorose Choi, to be a top star of Jae-Doo, he needs an extraordinary affinity that is as thick as wit and champion soup, and as opposed to Ojiya. The playful and witty part seems to be similar to me. I still do not have the same massiveness and affinity for me, so I want to learn this opportunity. (Laughs)

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