Lee Sang-yeop’s affection for Park Hae-sun, who breathed together at Oh Se-yeon.

Actor Lee Sang-yeop played the role of Yoon Jung-woo as an alternative school biology teacher in Channel A’s gold drama “ Weekday Afternoon Lover ” (played by So So-jeong / directed by Kim Jung-min and Oh Se-yeon). Lee Sang-yeop, who started the authentic mellow challenge, was well-received by portraying Son Ji-eun (Park Hae-sun) and Yoon Jung-woo who showed taboo love.

Lee Sang-yeop, in an interview with Newsen at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 28th at 11 am, continues to think, ‘It’s a little bit of a bust. A while ago, I canceled my schedule and was sick enough to lie down. “” I think I’m going through the process of returning to Lee Sang-yeop from Yun Jung-woo, but I think it’s a deeply embedded drama.

“Are you deeply immersed in the original character? Or did this work have a special meaning?” Lee Sang-yeop said, “This work seemed to have a special meaning, and the deep melo was my first time.” “I don’t know the original shoot. I know it’s over, but I think it’s going to be this time.”

In the acting of Yoon Jung-woo, the main focus is on the acting of eyes. Lee said, “I’m embarrassed to speak with my mouth, but in fact, Jungwoo has a lot of lines. I didn’t have a lot of lines to express my feelings, so I tried to express my eyes a lot. It was my goal to just stare hard.” I want to feel the emotion through. ” “I have a lot of beautiful eyes. Are you wearing a circle lens?” Asked “I was lasik. I didn’t need a lens because I was lazy. I think it helped me to dry my eyes.”

How do you feel about showing passion melo for the first time? Lee Sang-yeop, “I thought it was important to be relative, because the breath was really good,” he said to the ball. “What part fits well?” Asked “It’s not easy to define in words, but I think there is such a point. When you take a scene, you feel good. “I thought I was a good thrower and a good acquaintance. I became very friendly. Both of them were really good at endorphins and” kaekjeong “when the camera was turned off. In addition, he attracted attention by answering the question, “Would you be in the top 3 among the actors who breathe?”

“I don’t think my husband’s husband (Ryu Soo-young) can’t think of it,” he said, “I can’t be unconscious. Of course I can’t, I just touched the person standing on the scene. I did not talk much privately because I mainly do it. I took a picture comfortably, but I’m a little worried at this moment. ”

On the other hand, ‘Lovers at 3 pm on weekdays’ is a growing drama of adults who suffer severe measles due to taboo love. It ended 16 times last 24 days.

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