Shin Min Ah, ‘Aide’ confirmed appearance … Lee Jung-jae and acting

actor Shin Min-ae confirmed the appearance of JTBC’s new gilt drama ‘aide’ (drama Lee Dae-il directing Kwak Jung-hwan).

‘Aide’ is a dangerous gamble of real political players who move the world behind the spotlight. Jang Tae – joon ‘s intense survival period as super advisor to the peak of power.

Shin Min – Ah is divided into proportional representation first lieutenant and party spokesperson Kang Sun – young. He was a competent lawyer and has experience in current affairs programs. He has done his best to get to the top spot, and does not feel ashamed of his competence and achievement. We are confident and confident to challenge the glass ceiling and receive the support and cheers of the public with the ‘Women’s Wannabe’. So it is difficult for my aides to work together. It is strangely opposite to Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae), who is a rival to the senator in the party who has given himself a name.

Shinninah has shown digestive power of characters that cross the screen and the house theater. In a two-year return to the drama ‘Aide’, he plans to build a professional image by acting as a primary and mature lawmaker who pioneers his own destiny and keeps his beliefs.

The production team said, “Actor Shin Min Ah confirmed the appearance of ‘assistant’ and built up the best lineup with Lee Jung-jae.” “Shin Min-ah, who has a loving and warm image, has a passion and a confident enthusiasm It is going to show the Girl Crush. With her acting transformation, I will show my best to show the fierce story of Yeouido’s real players that we have not known in the meantime. ”

The assistant director is Kwak Jung-hwan, director of ‘Miss Hammurabi’, ‘THE K2’ and ‘Chuno’, Lee Dae-il who wrote ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Fighting Ghosts’, and ‘Miss Hammurabi’ It is a drama that has attracted attention as a meeting of production crews who believe, such as Studio Annaeu, who succeeded in box office success. It will be broadcasted at the end of May following the ‘Beautiful World’.

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