Lee Jin-hyuk of Mnet ‘Produce X 101’ decorated the back cover of September 2019 issue with Star & Style Magazine At Style (@ star1). Lee Jin-hyuk in this pictorial showed lovely charm through beauty pictorial with WakeMake.

Lee Jin-hyuk, who has been receiving the most attention after five years of debut, said, “I still don’t realize its popularity. It’s amazing when I meet fans or take pictures outside. ” In particular, he mentioned Lee Dong-wook, president of ‘Pedue X 101’ and added, “I feel like becoming a celebrity like Lee Dong-wook.”

In addition, the final result, which left behind after the end of ‘Pedue X 101’, replied, “I wanted to think about what kind of result, and how to act in the future.”

Lee Jin-hyuk, who started personal activities in earnest and finished his first solo fan meeting, said, “We focused more on the practice of selling fan meeting seats.” Showed more effort to

In particular, the most attention-grabbing activity plan was replaced with the words, “I will show my face in various fields through personal activities.”

Lee Jin-hyuk’s sincere interview and pictorial that he wants to be a musician recognized by the public can be seen in the September 2019 issue of At Style Magazine.

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