In an interview with a photographer, Lee Seung-wook, who has acted as a national producer in the program “Producer X101” and has received “One Piece” from viewers, presented a sophisticated and intellectual image. .

A perfect grooming process, Lee Tae Wook ‘Taekwook’ has trimmed the skin with a shaving cream and a moisturizer, adding a sophisticated touch to complement the sculpting and white skin.

In the interview, Lee said, “I feel a lot of emotions through Produce X 101,” he said. “I think it is a good choice to see myself getting the strength from the children.” In addition, I asked him if he had ever imagined the next 20 years. He expressed his desire to continue acting without hesitation, and he was able to get a glimpse of his passion and values ​​for his performance of “I want to be an actor who feels comfortable with people who see” .

The latest OCN genre, “The Other is Hell” is confirmed, and the actor “Lee Dong Wook” pictured to introduce another attraction will be interviewed in the June issue of “Marie Claire” and the Marie Clair website.

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