Launched in May, Bhagavat, who is active in China and South Korea, released interviews with photographers.

In this photo, I have seen the appearance of La DiVerin who transformed like a fashion model with styling that was not seen until now.

In interviews with photographers, Lee was consistent with his mature and honest appearance. “I’m a musician, and I have a lot of music. I know what I’m good at, what I can not do, what I can not do better than what I can not do,” he said. I know it well, but the challenge to acting was difficult, “he said, expressing the burden of his first drama.

“I do not want to regret it because I have only one life, but I have never regretted my life, and I will not choose it unless I have the opportunity to enjoy myself and enjoy it.” I showed my firmness and confidence. “I am always interested in fashion, I wonder what brand is coming from, what I can digest, I have a new concept and I really enjoyed it.”

The interviews with Raikkarin’s pictures can be found in the May issue of Bazaar and on the website, Instagram.

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