La Liwan Lin held his first solo fan meeting ‘2019 LAI KUANLIN Fan Meeting [Good Feeling]’ at Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu, Seoul at 5:00 pm on the 6th.

La Liwan Lin , who had an opening stage with a charismatic solo song ‘Hypey’, said, “It’s been too long, I wanted to see it.” “This place is a new beginning, and I am determined not to let you down with the new beginning.”

La Liwan Lin had a close conversation with his fans through the corner of ‘Life of Lee Lieberman’, which reminds of recent events and pasts, and ‘Do It All Alone’ corner, which counseled the fans’ stories.

At the “School of LAI” corner, the Pentagon’s Woosung, who is breathing together in unit activities, has appeared as a guest and has been playing a variety of games including dancing, quizzes, and basketball shootouts. did.

La Liwan Lin presents a variety of performances from Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ to MGK’s ‘Let you go’ and ‘Woosok X Kanglin’ ​​mini-title titles ‘Stargazing’ and solo song ‘Good Feeling’. I got a warm response from the fans.

“I am so grateful that you are at your side for a moment, and I am so grateful that you can have such a lot of memories in three years time.” Lee Kwan-rin said, It will be more real. I will continue to show more good, so I would like a lot of love and interest, “said the last greeting.

La Liwan Lin, who has successfully completed the Seoul fan meeting opening the Asian fan meeting tour, will keep the heat in Bangkok on April 20th.

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