N.Flying member Kwon Kwang-jin was finally removed from the group because he had a private relationship with the fan.

“On the 26th, FNC Entertainment said in a press release,” We have confirmed the facts through further interviews to clarify the relationship with Kwang Kwang-jin. “As a result, Kwak Kwang-jin’s team decided to withdraw from the team. ”

“I have denied strong suspicions about sexual harassment, and I have filed a complaint against the netizen who posted an article about the allegations, and I will cover the exact amount of defamation,” he added.

N.Flying, who was reorganized as a four-player with the withdrawal of Kwang Kwang-jin, announces a new single on January 2 of next year.

The following specializes in FNC entertainment official position.

Hi FNC Entertainment.

We recently informed the fans about the fact that Kwon Kwang-jin, who had taken a voluntary withdrawal from N.Flying, made an effort to check the facts through several interviews to clarify the correct facts.

As a result, we have decided to withdraw from Kwon Kwang – jin ‘s team because we have confirmed the fact that we have communicated with fans.

However, I strongly deny the allegations related to the sexual harassment, I have filed a complaint against the netizen who posted the article on defamation due to the dissemination of false facts,

I am saddened by the inconvenience that has inspired my fans and I will pay close attention to prevent this from happening again.

In addition, N.Flying will continue to be a four-player system, and I promise you that we will deliver good music in a more mature form.

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