A big, comeback that broke a gap of one year and six months promised a new leap on the MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ on the 28th.

The big story was pleasantly reminiscent of the silent story of the day. “It was a year and a half, so I took a year and a half to clear it. We are now one and a half year old. We decided to do so. ” “I have become really solid during that time,” said the great Boxer.

“It has become an idol that can not be shaken by any trials.” The great man who resumed his activities over the difficulties expressed his gratitude for the various trivialities around him. Oh, hee jun said, “If you wake up the manager brother was annoyed in the past, but nowadays can not be so nice,” he said, “I really appreciate how much I appreciate the work, I feel more important now.

I especially appreciated Tinkerbell, my fan club for his great work. “I am really grateful to have read your letter today before you wash and sleep,” said a great young man who joined the new team from the album “LONELY NIGHT”. The big show boasted the tall body of the average height of 185cm on ‘Idol Radio’, and it showed the passion like medley dancing and karaoke live.

A total of seven medley dance stages such as ‘U’, ‘Sun, Moon, Star’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Rain’ are included as well as the cover stage of 2PM ‘My House’ did.

The tone of the vocals was also proud. Hee-jun Oh, a great healer, and Jung In-sung had a sweet singing voice in ‘late one night in 1994’.

“We are planning ahead of the US and Japan tour in February and will do everything we can to do our best,” said Park.

The MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ will be broadcast live on weekday night from 9:00 to 10:00 on Naver V live (V app). The relayed contents will be broadcast on MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz), MBC radio application mini, and 12:05 ~ 1:00 pm (weekend night 12:00 ~ 1:00) on the same night.

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