Boy Group KunKun (KNK) is a new group of five departures again.

Kang (Jung In-sung, Park Seo-han, Oh Hee-joon, Kim Ji-hoon) announced the recruitment of new member Dong-won in the official fan cafe on 19th.

He made his debut with his first single album ‘KNOCK’ in 2016. He has been loved by songs such as ‘You Are Now,’ ‘BACK AGAIN,’ ‘Sun, Moon, Star’ and ‘Rain’ And released a full-length mini album of Chang.

In September of this year, Kim Yoo-jin withdrew and the big four-member team decided to recruit a new member to show off a better stage for fans.

A big side official said, “The new member Lee Jong Won is among friends who have been close friends with the previous members, and has a very attractive visual as well as versatile charm.” ” I will give you. ”

The face, which has been transformed into a five-member group due to the merger of Jin-won, is spurring preparations for a comeback aiming to release a new album in early next year.

KNK is currently preparing to make their first comeback with Lee Dong Won in early 2019.

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