‘Once you clean up hot,’ Kim Yoo-jung is a “hard-over” visual and destroys a hard-drive epidemic.

On November 22, the JTBC monthly drama “Let’s get hot clean” (Director Jong-no Jong-chan, drama Han Hee-jeong, production drama house, Oh hyeongje) released the 6-piece set of the actor Kim Yu- It raised expectations for Kim Yu-jung’s ‘Gilseol’.

The “asymptomatic time” healing romance that the CEO of the clean-up cleaning company (Yoon Gyun-sang) who is clean than the clean one is more important than life .

Based on the popular webtoons of the same name, he completed the lineup that he believes in the confluence of actors such as Yoon Gyun-sang, Kim Yoo-jung, Song Jae-rim, Yoo Sun, An Seok Hwan, Son Byeong Ho, Kim Won Hae and Kim Hye Eun. Here, Min Doo-hee, who adds vitality to the drama, and great-minded newcomers Kim Min-kyu, Jin-jin and Cha In-ha, who have personality and acting ability,

At the center of casting is Kim Yu-jung. Kim Yoo-jung has been using the magic of breaking the box office, showing the magic which makes the imagination real from the work with the original work with the excellent character digestion power, the charm that can not be replaced,

Especially, ‘Clean once hot’ adds meaning as the first work since becoming an adult. This is why we are looking forward to Kim Yu – jeong ‘Gil Osol’ which will be born into a realistic sniping empathy character.

To this end, Kim Yoo Jung started to transform into a perfect acting. In the open photos, Kim Yoo-jeong’s enthusiastic moments, which receive the trust of the production crew, are included in the hot meltdown. Kim Yoo-jeong, who is digging in his throat-necked T-shirt as well as his head, The sunny smile that makes even the viewer happy is a glimpse of the charm of a brisk roadside where it does not get stuck anywhere. In Jeonjeon ‘s “Cleaning Fairy” fitness test, a passionate jungle like life seems to rob you of your gaze.

In particular, the figure of Kim Yoo Jeong, who runs without a heavy burden on his back, stimulates curiosity about Gil Youngsol character. It is hard-cared for the endless transformation without seeing the eyes from the octopus food from the noodle to the figure of the horse and the environment beauty who called the spur of the frenzy.

The passion that the survival is more important than the cleanliness is the passion which prepares for the job preparation of the manseol The osol is the knee sweat suit The trademark of ‘Jeongpo girl’ (woman who gave up cleaning) Even the cleanliness is a luxury person.

In order to create a realistic person with sympathy for her, Kim Yu-jung is creating a character that is animated by hot-rolling, which does not buy her body at the shooting site. Kim Yu-jung’s unconventional and loving appearance with its unique loveliness and unlimited acting is expected.

“Once you clean up hot,” the production crew said, “I feel like Gil Solsol is more perfect than Kim Yu-jeong. Kim Yu-jung is a character that I think is possible to implement vividly. The passion that does not miss even the slightest details enables infinite transformation. “He added,” I can confirm the hard carries of Kim Yu-jung who believes and see. ”

On the other hand, co-writer Noh Jong-chan, who was acknowledged for his sensational production in “War of Flowers” and “Hee-jung Kim, Following ‘Beauty Inside’ will be broadcasted at JTBC at 9:30 pm on Monday, November 26th.

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