Actor Song Jae-rim certified Kim Yu-jung’s coffee tea.

Song Jae-rim’s agency, Grand Anse Entertainment, said on May 15, “The coffee tea of ​​Kim Yoo-jung, who co-chilled together in the” Once Hot Clean ” Thanks to the outdoor shooting finish more warm + warmer !! Thank you “and posted a picture.

In the open photo, Song Jae – rim said, “Let me sing your songs. Please drink cool and charge !! I support the actor Song Jae – rim of Nam – Ju ‘s conductor. Actor Kim Yoo Jung “in front of the coffee car with the words stood in his arms.

Especially with his disheveled attire, his small face and the ratio of the model of the wall of the wall are captivating the viewer.

On the other hand, Song Jae-rim is in the filming of the KBS2 new monthly drama ‘Let’s sing your song’, and JTBC’s new entertainment ‘Surf House’ will appear on the 21st at 9:30 am.

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