Actor Kim Sun – Ho and starring in a new drama JTBC ‘euracha car Waikiki Season 2 (a play gimgiho Song Jieun director Lee Chang-min).

As a result of the coverage of, Kim Sun-ho is casting himself as the starring actor of “Warakata Tea Waikiki Season 2” scheduled to be formed in the first half of 2019.

‘Wrestling Tea Waikiki’ is a youthful drama in Waikiki, a guest house in a desperate situation.

It is broadcasted from February to April for about 2 months and it is evaluated as having attracted other charms than the existing drama, and it returns to the season 2 this time. Season 2 is packed with new performers, not season one actors.

Actor Kang Seung-ho is casting himself as the lead actor and he is in the process of coordinating his appearance.

In particular, Kim Sun-ho is an actor who is attracted attention with his stable acting ability and beautiful appearance in ‘ It is noteworthy that they will win and win by going from ‘Kim Sang Jang’ to ‘The Strongest Deliverer’, ‘Tu Hao Sang’, ‘ Waikiki Season 2 will go into production in the first half of next year. Casting is in full swing.

On the other hand, the ‘Warakata Tea Waikiki Season 1’ which lasted in April is a young drama based on the guest house Waikiki in ruin. Season 2 is being prepared for the first half of next year.

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