Song Yoo-bin, who introduced himself as an “emotional vocal”, immediately showed off his singing ability by singing Kim Yeon-woo’s ‘parting taxi’.

Song Yoo-bin also recalled the advice he had received from B2B Lee Min-hyuk, “ Feat.Herta Of BTOB, ” which was released in 2016. Song said, “When recording, Lee Min-hyuk said, ‘Yubin, don’t give up. We also took a long time. ‘ So don’t give up. It was totally power. ”

Kim Kuk-heon was applauded by fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio by singing a word of ‘Bet’s Fine’ when he appeared at ‘Mix Nine’.

On the 24th, Kim Kuk-heon introduced ‘Blurry’, which was released by two talented vocals, as “a song that I want to be with my fans forever.” Song Yu-bin said, “I wanted to be clear forever. Honestly, I think this song is a masterpiece. ”

Regarding the reason for not doing music broadcasting, Kim Kook-Hun said, “It is not a formal debut, but a song for the fans. I want to stay by my side. “It is the driving force.”

Kim Kook-heon and Song Yoo-bin also showed Yang Dail’s ‘I’m Sorry’ and Day Six’s ‘Pretty’ live stage. The two appeared in an audition program, “ Produce X 101, ” and were recognized for their ability to dance as well as sing.

Kim Kuk-heon and Song Yoo-bin performed ‘Mid Dance’ in ‘Idol Radio’, ‘Birthday’, ‘RUN’ of BTS, ‘Love Shot’ of EXO, ‘_Jima (X1-MA)’ of ‘Produce X 101’ Super Special Girl ‘·’ MOVE (Prod. By ZICO) ‘boasted fantastic breathing.

At the end of the broadcast, Kim Kuk-heon said, “I’ve come to my fans with the song ‘Blurry’, so I’ll prepare a better performance and make a formal debut.”

Song Yoo-bin said about the fan meeting that will be held this Saturday (31st). I prepared a lot to communicate more closely, so please look forward to it. ” Kim Kuk-heon added, “We also prepared gifts and can be seen clearly.”

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