That is shocking to hear that Kim Jung-hoon was reportedly accused of being a pregnant non-celebrity girlfriend. Kim Jung-hoon has no other position and the controversy is getting bigger.

The fact that Kim Jung Hoon was accused of Mr. A was announced on the 26th. A has filed a lawsuit against Kim Jung-hoon on the Seoul Central District Court on February 21.

According to Mr. A, Kim Jung – hoon forced the abortion of artificial pregnancy when he realized that A was pregnant. He promised to rescue his house but stopped talking without giving him a rental deposit.

Kim Jung-hoon’s agency said to OSEN, “I first heard about Kim Jeong-hoon’s girlfriend’s disapproval through an article,” and said, “We have not confirmed Kim Jung-hoon’s facts yet.

So the netizens are also a shock. Although there was an atmosphere in which the situation should be watched when the first report was released, it is dominant that Kim Jung-hoon’s disappointment in the continuous non-response.

Kim Jung Hoon has appeared on TV CHOSUN ‘s Taste of Love until recently, saying, “I have no chance to meet people now, and my heart has been degenerated gradually.” I have a lot of support from viewers with Kim Jin-ah and this program.

The production team of ‘Love Taste’ was also embarrassed. The production crew said, “Kim Jung-hoon showed a special commitment to dating when he said,” I have not been dating for more than two years “at the time of the pre-interview before the appearance of” Love Taste. ” We believed in his authenticity and proceeded to appear in the program. It is also embarrassing for the production crew. I hope it will be confirmed soon. ”

Kim Jung-hoon, who has received much love as a representative of entertainment industry ‘ The arrows of criticism toward him are concentrated, and how he will put forward the position, and how the controversy will be finalized.

While the netizens responded that they were disappointed when they criticized Kim Jung-hoon, some netizens responded that they should check the facts. It is a sensitive situation, but I have to wait for the position of my agency, but arrows of blame for Kim Jung-hoon are pouring.

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