Actor Kim Ji-suk had confirmed the debut of “Camellia required time.

In the second half of the year, KBS 2TV ‘Camellia Peak Time’ (Chun Chun Chun, director Chae Young-hoon, production fan entertainment) wakes up with prejudice Cambodia Cambodia, unconditional support and support of ” Type romance. In addition, those around the camellia and solitary are crying out for “life like love”, a life-like adventurous romance. While the rookie Queen Gong Hyo Jin and the Jessie Steller River ascertain the appearance of the cast, they are gathering topics.

Kim Ji-seok’s “Kang Jong-ryul” is a star baseball player who has become the first love of Dongbaek (Gong Hyo Jin) and a major leaguer. In childrearing arts, she is working as a ‘daughter idiot’, and her wife is an SNS star. This is a picture-like home from abroad. But when the broadcasting station camera is turned off and the authentication shot for SNS is over, there is nothing to tell my wife. In the virtual world, it is the ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”. At the time of the twenty-first session, when the camellia was encountered, the love of the folks was immature, but the minds of the thirty-three folks were different. It looks like a form, but if you look into it, you are extremely timid and rather humiliated and humiliated.

About the casting of Kim Ji-seok, who has been able to substitute for the position that can not be replaced with solid acting in the past, the production team said, “Kim Ji-seok is an actor who has his own smoke color. It is expected to bring out the personality of the ‘kwalul’ in a three-dimensional way by naturally expressing the unique utterance. ” “This autumn,” Camellia Flower Time “will be a warm, pleasant bombing romance, along with a very realistic and humane life-like adventurous romance. I would like your continued interest and expectation until the first broadcast. ”

‘Camellia Flower’ is a collaboration with Chungchun Cho of ‘Ssam, My Way’ and ‘Cha Yong Hoon’, ‘You are a Man’, coinciding with the reunion in three years, ‘Winter Sonata’ Fan Entertainment, who has produced a number of hits such as “Born in the Moon,” “Doctors,” “Ssam, My Way,” and “The Temperature of Love.”

It will be broadcasted in KBS 2TV drama series in September.

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