Kim Jaejoong confessed that he had a beauty certificate.

In TV Chosun ‘Second Time: The Taste of Love’ broadcasted on August 8, Ko Ju-won and Kim Bo-mi’s couple are wearing makeup before the Bazaar.

Ko Ju-won observes Kim Bo-mi’s makeup process and says, “This is the first time I’ve seen a woman make up. Isn’t it better to tie it up in the hot? If you don’t tie it up, it will be hot. ”Then he showed sweet images of Kim Bo-mi.

Watching it, Jang said, “I don’t see much makeup. Women don’t take long, ”MC Park Narae said.“ When we get married, bride makeup takes 3 hours and groom makeup takes 15 minutes. ”

Originally, Kim Jae-joong said, “I used to have bridal makeup when I was a daughter of beauty certification. At the end, the partner changes only when wearing the bride’s makeup. ” MC Choi Hwa-jeong and Park Narae said, “I think my girlfriend is so good.”

Kim Jae-joong said, “Also, the best thing to do is to kiss your lips. I put it on my lips, ”dropped it and added a smile.

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