Kim Hee-chan, who has built up his own filmography faithfully, regardless of genre such as drama and movie, unveiled his interview with a photographer in January of ‘ANA DRONE’ in Korea’s first drones monthly magazine.

Kim Hee-chan debuted in KBS ‘Producers’ in 2015, and is a newcomer who has taken a snowboard with an extraordinary performance. Since then, he has appeared in films such as ‘Glory Day’, ‘Cheese in the Trap’, ‘Luminous Office’ and ‘School 2017’. Especially, ‘School 2017’ is a villain with a longevity complex, showing impressive performances and proving his potential as a 20th-generation next-generation actor.

Kim Hee-chan, who has been challenging such a colorful character, has filmed the picture with the concept of becoming a virtual persona ‘persona’. Persona, poet, director, hero or wizard, personality personality that does not exist, and various various inner scenes of Kim Hee-chan were put in the picture.

From the loose all black look, Kim Hee-chan transferred to the persona and expressed his deep and deep sensitivity by digging the rough look of leather jacket and Mustang.

Kim Hee – chan showed a charm of the boy ‘s pure charm with his big and round eyes, but he turned to his intense eyes and emanated charisma. In the late afternoon, it gave a soft atmosphere to the languid sensibility of the late afternoon.

In an interview with the photographer, Kim Hee-chan said, “I want to be a long-loved and necessary actor. As we have done so far, 2019 is going to be a process toward this goal. It is a difficult goal, but I think it will be done if I do my best every moment. “Kim Hee-chan’s interest is gathered in 2019. Kim Hee-chan took the role of a taxpayer in the movie “Clowns”, which is scheduled to open in 2019, and settled down with Son Hyun-joo, Cho Jin-woong, Park Hee-soon and Ko Chang-seok.

On the other hand, Kim Hee-chan’s interview with the picture can be found in the January issue of ANA DRON, a monthly drones magazine.

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