The MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’, which was broadcast on the 14th, was featured in ‘Special Career’s Choice’ by Park Joong-hoon, Hur Jae, Kim Gyu-ri, and No-Rain Lee Sung-woo.

Kim Kyu-ri said, “If you stay in one job for a long time, the crisis seems to come once.” During the US beef import policy in 2008, he wrote a criticism that it would be better to eat cyanide than to eat beef infected with mad cow disease.

Kim Kyu-ri said, “I didn’t really get it last year. I just wanted to go cool, ”he said.“ I wanted to quit my life as an artist and turn myself into a painter. ”

Fortunately, Kyu-ri, who is happy to be able to shoot dramas and perform a radio DJ, said, “Someone I wanted to dance is coming out. I want to be an imposing and sexy woman, but it comes out when a woman statue dances. ”He said that he prepared for the stage to join Ahn Young-mi’s ‘Radio Star’ MC.

Kim Gyu-ri performed the “ I Want to Become a Celeb ” dance by Ayoung’s Celebrity Five with bare feet, and Ahn Young-mi applauded and moved.

Viewers who watched the broadcast said, “I dance well. I was impressed ”,“ Ahn Young-mi’s real impression ”and“ I want to do lots of activities ”.

Meanwhile, MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ is broadcasted every Wednesday at 11:05.

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