Mnet ‘produced 101 Season 2 of the diva from one person to say thanks to the “donghan is a beautiful stand in the center,” “East senye’ gimdonghan fame.

Although not in the debut season, JBJ won the first place, and now he comes back with his second album as a dignified solo singer.

Kim Dong-han, who met bnt for the first time as a solo singer, showed a perfect boyfriend look with a white turtleneck and a perfect boyfriend look in three pictorial shots of the concept, and he perfected the dreamy concept that is a point of dream. In the fall mood’s brown shirt, a turtleneck in the picture, the sexy mood was created with a moist hair style.

In the interview after the filming, I was able to hear about his new album first. I would like to introduce my second mini album. “I heard this album ‘D-NIGHT’ and thought that it represented the moonlight sexy. “I participated in a new album, writing, composing, and rapmaking,” he said. “I am not very good at it for the first time, but I want to give it a good score because I have tried many new places.” At the same time, “I released a total of five albums including JBJ album for one year, I think I lived very hard on my own.”

Kim Dong-han, who returned to solo after the demolition of JBJ, said, “I would like you to come to the waiting room to greet me more than JBJ95” at the end of the editor’s request, saying that Kim Sang-gyun and Kenta’s JBJ95 will meet. . JBJ members are still in contact with JBJ members, saying, “We are constantly in contact with the members, and I often meet with Mr. Kenta, both of whom I like to watch movies to watch movies. .

Kim dong han the usual rubber weight referred to age well steamed falls into the “for management and one day one way, the active phase. When a diet watch and enjoy the muk-bang for surrogate frequently looking at the meat develops a muk-bang like baenjjeu’s (Laughs), I should have no flesh around my eyes, my nose, my mouth, “and I think that my own thoughts can be seen.

“My hobby is to watch a movie at a movie theater, especially watching a movie late at night. I have fans who know when I’m covering it at a movie theater, and I will go there and I will go there,” said Kim Dong- I like 30 drinks or so, but I prefer a place to hang out with my friends. ”

I am a 21-year-old, but when I asked him if he felt the burden of the sexy concept, he said, “In fact, I feel that my young age is an obstacle to digesting the sexy concept. I can digest it. “I made a mistake and made the scene smile.

When asked about the artists who would like to collaborate later, “I have a lot of people who want to work together. Actually, MXM’s (Kim) Donghyun who got friendly with his roommate in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ I want to do with Dong Hyun. ”

I asked Kim Dong-han, who is good at stage, to help the stage of some of my seniors in the past. “When I was performing a dance team before my debut, I practiced gestures and dances while watching exos, This is a role model and a fan, and nowadays it is getting more and more popular around the world, so I want to resemble even a half-court. ”

As a solo singer, he refers to Lee as a role model and said, “I do not act in many ways such as acting, performing arts, music, etc. If I get an opportunity, I want to challenge acting and acting as well as music. I want to star in. MBC ‘Radio Star’ and JTBC ‘I love my brother’ I want to appear one time, “I had a love call.

Finally, when I asked about my future goals, “I am still a rookie, so I want to know more about my name. My music is also aimed at entering the music source ranking.” I ended up interviewing Kim Dong-han, who is working hard towards his goal, in the future.

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