Kim Dong Han had a comeback ahead of the first anniversary of the debut day. Can Kim Dong – Han, who has broadened my range through lyrics and composition, can make another emergency?

On December 17th, the second mini album ‘DiNight’ showcase was held at the Samsung Card iMarket Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Kim Dong-han, who was asked about his comeback testimonial, said, “I was able to come back soon after receiving the attention of a lot of fans, and I’m glad that I made a comeback right after the action.

After finishing the stage of ‘Goodnight Kiss’, Kim Dong-han said, “This choreography is the hardest from JBJ to the present, I practiced a lot, and I was worried because of the difficulty.

Kim Dong-Han’s title song ‘Goodnight Kiss’ is an impressive dance song based on the Future Bass-based retro sound. It is an impressive song that expresses the sensation of the first goodnight kiss.

Kim Dong-han explained, “If my last album was intense sexy in broad daylight, this time I was going to show cool and cold sexy.

Kim Dong-han participated in songwriting and composing as well as participating in “Goodnight Kiss”. Kim Dong-han said, “Tomorrow is the first anniversary of JBJ’s debut, and I wanted to convey it to the fans on the first track.

When asked about what is the biggest difference compared to past activities, Kim Dong-han said, “This time, unlike last activity, I laugh on the stage. It will become a dynamic point of view and dynamic choreography.”

Kim Dong-Han debuted in the music industry on October 18 last year with JBJ. Kim Dong-han, who is one day before his first debut, had time to look back over the past year. Kim Dong-han said, “It feels good to have lived hard for a year, and when it was the best, it was JBJ’s first concert, and I was sad when it was a concert.

The response of JBJ members was also disclosed. Kim Dong-han said, “I’m not good at talking about JBJ members, I’m playing like a friend.

Lastly, Kim Dong-han decided to “work hard” and finished the showcase with a sub title song “Call My Name” stage.

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