On the 4th, SBS ‘Buncheongjeonjeon-Oebbuler’, Kim Chan-woo and Airlie were gathering firewood together.

On this day, Kim Chan-woo went out with an ax to prepare firewood. Kim Hye-rim called for tea while Kim Chan-woo was crushing firewood.

Kim Chan-woo told the members who are in the tea time that they are currently selling firewood. Ailey expressed his willingness to try the firewood without knowing what it was.

Kim Chan-woo crossed the ax, worried if Ailee could firewood. Airlie was surprised by the weight of the ax and tried what Kim Chan-woo told her to do.

Kim Chan-woo, who already had the tips, was used to the firewood harvester. Airlie imitated King Kong after seeing Kim Chan-woo, who sold firewood.

Airlie said, “I want to do well,” trying to beat the ax again when Kim Chan-woo struggled. Ailee was poised like Kim Chan-woo, chopped firewood, and showed a movement like King Kong.

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