Boy Group SHINee’s Key new song ‘Forever Yours’ was featured in the process of taking ownership of the best loved ones.

On the 8th, SBS Power FM ‘Choi Sang Jung’s Power Time’ (hereafter ‘Choi Pata’), ‘Kwon Tae-tae’ corner, appeared in a solo album after 10 years debut.

On this day, DJ Choi Hwa-jung said, “I heard that I made my first solo album in 10 years. I’m a little late, “he asked. He said, “If you are late, you can say that you are late. I wait and wait, and I thought, ‘Let’s try it now.'” He said, “In fact, the story of the solo debut has come and gone a lot, and there was a lot of things that were caught. When many people knew about me, I wanted to give them out, and now I am. ”

Shinee’s Key new song ‘For Lever ユ ー ス’ was featured by the singer’s owner taking part in the filming. In particular, the two men who were born in 1991 were called to the so-called ’91 line ‘as a member of the 91-year-old idol group.

Choi Hwa – jung commented, “The filming was done by Mr. The two are best friends, but business is no different. I was wondering how he was involved. ”
He said,” I actually got acquainted with my possessions and drinking. So I bought a drink with a new song. ” “I bought a new song and bought it. “I persuaded him to continue to sing, so he accepted it.”

He also said, “I had chosen me as a friend of the best Native man in possession. I am the same. It is a good bargain to drink alcohol easily with ownership. ”

On the other hand, Key released his solo debut single ‘Forever ユ ー ス’ on the 6th, and he made a solo transformation. The title song ‘Forever ユ ー ス’ is a R & B pop song that stands out as a refreshing tropical house vibe.

The sweet love of the lover is accompanied by the lyrics that contain emotion and the sweet voice of the participating artists who are featured to charm the music fans.

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