Geum Dong-hyun trainee who participated in ‘Produce X101’ was released in September issue of ‘Cosmopolitan’.

Kum Dong-hyun, a trainee at C9 Entertainment, who finished 14th in ‘Produce X101’ which closed on July 19, said, “I can’t feel it yet. It’s amazing and thankful. When I first started broadcasting, ‘Who do you like me?’ I had a lot of questions about myself, ”he said.

Although he was young, he was nicknamed ‘stage craftsman’ every time with his perfect choreography and charismatic stage. He chose ‘Believer’ as his most satisfying stage. “I remember Yoonsung’s brother, Kukheon and his three brothers practicing choreography until dawn. The response was the best among the fans. ”

He steadily climbed the ranks on every broadcast, and he was unfortunately unable to make his debut at the final round. When asked how he felt right after dropping out, “I was the first to think that I want to be on stage. I was most sorry for the fans, including Geumrangdan, who supported me. ”

He was always warm to each team that he was with, and he was sobbing after the stage of the ‘Super Special Girl’ stage. The reason for the tears was, “I was really influenced by my brothers. After the stage, ‘When will we meet with these people as a team?’ I think I was crying about what I wanted to do. ”

He also served as vice-president of the former junior high school student. When asked what he thinks the quality of a leader is, he said, “A person who pushes from behind rather than pulls from front”.

Geum Dong-hyun, who is currently in the first year of high school, said, “I think that the biggest attraction of living as an idol is to be with other people.”

Detailed interviews with Kum Dong Hyun are available in the September 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan and on the Cosmopolitan website.

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