“My Only One” ratings 46% ahead of the 4th to the OLD and in KBS 2TV jumalgeuk Show off your strength.

According to Nielsen Korea on April 4, the ratings of the drama broadcast at 7:55 pm on the previous day were 41.4% -46.2%, breaking the record of 45.1% set by ‘Golden My Life’ in the same month last year.

The former “My Only One” is determined to extend its popularity by six times, and it is focused on writing an audience rating of 50% while it ends on the 17th.

In the Daegu / Gumi area the previous day, 46.6% -52.4%, 50% of the walls have been lightened. KBS 2TV ‘Baking King Kim Taek-gu’ (50.8%) in 2010 is the last drama of more than 50%. The popularity of “My Only One” which started with 21.2% ratings on September 15 last year is a completely different aspect from ‘Golden My Life’.

If the ‘Golden My Life’ is hard to find in the weekend and it is a witty trick, and you have dominated the audience and topic from the beginning and the end, there is no double line in the future which is difficult to anticipate in “My Only One”

“My Only One” is a typical home drama that tells about the family’s love. This drama, released in 1980 ~ 1990s with an analogue sensibility that does not sound awkward as a drama, has caught up with all ages by showing differentiation in the trendy drama that has been pouring recently.

It is not difficult to develop with the familiar material such as secrets of birth, falsification, dementia, and torture conflict. In recent days (Choi Soojong minute), a whale (Park Sung-hoon) was transplanted to the liver and was also in a coma. The internal conflicts and emotional expressions of the characters are rather crude, rather than delicate and friendly.

Nevertheless, it stimulated viewers’ nostalgia for authentic home dramas, and the fan base became thicker as more actors such as Choi Soo-jong, Park Sang-won, and Cha Chae Yeon were added.

In particular, Choi Jae-jong has proved once again that he is the “Lord of Viewership”, drawing the days of high life of the organization and tracing the high ratings of the audience.

Choi Jae-jong said in a interview with Yonhap News that he is the story of “us”, and all the characters in it are actually people around us.

In addition to the actors’ hottest commercials, premium commercials of intermediate commercials, which were also introduced in the KBS 2TV weekend, seem to have contributed in part to raising viewer ratings.

As Choi Sae-jong said, “I hope to have a happy ending in the end”

On the other hand, MBC TV Sunday drama ‘My Love Healing Period’ ended with 9.8% -14.2% and 12.8% -14.3% ratings. MBC TV will end the Sunday drama with the end of ‘My Love Healing Period’ and show a new entertainment ‘hochu romance’.

The OCN weekend drama ‘Trap’, which became a hot topic in collaboration with filmmakers and drama artists, ended with a 4.0% audience rating. The TVN weekend drama ‘Annex for Romance’ was 5.2%, and the TV movie ‘Babel’ was 3.4%.

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