On the afternoon of the afternoon, KBS2 entertainment program ‘Rarakha Mansuro’ was broadcasted by the owner Kim Soo-ro to check the financial status of the club and the athletes.

On that day, Kim Su – ro received a report on the capital expenditure of Chelsea Rovers. The situation was not easy either. Unexpected expenditures that I could not even think of were headaches for Kim Soo Ro. Spending due to losing the ball during training or fines resulting from receiving a card during the game was a blow to the finances.

Kim Su – Roo embraced his head every time he spends every item he spends. There was no revenue. It was all the solidarity contribution and the training compensation that every player who went into the upper league transfers receive.

Kai, Global Director, has begun producing the homepage. I then took a profile picture to use in promoting. Kai commented on the use of the logo, but Kim Su-ro commented, “Unconditionally Kai can take pictures in the main, we will stand just like the wind behind.” In fact, Kai took the camera directly and took a photo from the front to complete the profile picture.

Kai made a million-million-dollar commitment to the official SNS account. The other members were amazed and questioned, “Will it be possible?”

But Kai had a deep thought. “I want to leave my footsteps on the club, and when my fans come to England later on, I’m going to have a look at the Chelsea rovers game, It showed affection toward.

Kai’s words were not merely easy to show for the broadcast. Chelsea Rovers’ publicity SNS, which he opened, is still in operation today. In addition, Kai acted actively by finding and executing things that could be of benefit to him.

It was his warm heart to use his influence for the troubled clubs and for the bigger dreams.

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