“When camellia flowers peeled” Two kinds of reverse charms of river sky were unveiled.

KBS 2TV’s new tree drama ‘When Camellia Blossoms Peel’ (played by Choi Sang-chun, director Cha Young-hoon, production fan entertainment) is a bombarded romance by Hwang Yong-sik, a village romance, who wakes up prejudiced beast camellia with unconditional support and support. . In addition, the people around camellia and Yong-gu are a close life-oriented politics of romance. ‘Yumsim Stealer’ Kang Han-neul heralded a strong anti-war charm that broke through the crunch and sexy with Ongsan’s police box cop Hwang Yong-sik.

Ongsan’s native style is rugged and clunky, but ‘Chunme Fatal’ combines the sexy beauty that is unexpectedly stinging. Published still cuts show the charm of this dish at a glance. The combination of “ simply ” denim and white shirts, shaggy hair, and dull smiles set the tone for pure beauty. But if you try to shallowly hurt big nose. There is a sense of justice without end, endless courage to jump and look at the time to slap the calculator, there is a reason why the police suits go so well together.

As you can see from the steel cut, working as much as ‘(()), muscle (mom), jin (지)’. Determined eyes are even sexy. If you plug it in like this, you’ll see a person snipering the heart of Yong Sik. Ongsan’s ‘Dongbli’ camellia (Gong Hyojin). As revealed in his first teaser video (https://tv.naver.com/v/9591589) unveiled on the 21st, he runs for the same million, and he is a man whose heart beats with a single camellia. It’s like “thumbs up? Wheat sugar? Octopus legs? What’s that? ”Unlimited straight camellia of Yong Yong, who seems to say, is expected to color the home theater with bombing romance this fall.

On the other hand, ‘When camellia flowers fill’ is the work of ‘Sam, My Way’ and ‘Chun Hun’ and ‘You are human’. . It will be broadcast on KBS 2TV at 10 pm on the 18th of next month following ‘Justice’.

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