Kim Se-jung, a reporter for MK Sports, Kim No- eul, tells your song.

Hong Lee-young, played by Kim Se-jung in KBS2’s drama ‘Tell Me Your Song’ (played by Kim Min-ju, director Jeong-mi Lee, and JP E & M), is an avid student who has lost his memory and lived a year ago.

Kim Se-jung is bringing life to the home theater beyond the pole with high sync rate with Hong Lee. In this regard, I pointed out the attractive points of the eight-colored bird Hong Yi-young.

‘Listen to Your Song’ Kim Se-jung is perfecting the character. Photo = KBS2 ‘Listen to Your Song’ Capture
#. Reality of nodding up and down

vigorously, Lee Young-young is attracting attention with moments full of passion. If you get a job, don’t be afraid to run or interview. In addition, the part-time job, such as surrogate driving and elementary school lessons, for the cost of living, shows the reality of the job candidates, leading to intense empathy.

#. Vitality lovely appeal properly

She is a nuclear enslaved woman who oozes cuteness and takes the viewer’s cuteness. In the drinking party where he meets with his classmates, he shows his face as a cutie dance, and sends a message that is mixed with his ex-boyfriend, which resembles the bright energy of Kim Se-jung.

#. Dark inner acting adds tension to the drama

Hong Lee-young, a year ago, lived in a state of forgetting memories, but has psychological anxiety and fear. In the scene where the past comes to mind due to the encounter with mysterious Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo-jin), he is immersed in the scene with shaking eyes and storm heat.

In this way, Kim Se-jung makes use of the character’s characteristics and makes the play more lively.

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