The first couple to be nominated for the Best Couple Award are’Koala-Mungyi’ couple, Jaehee Woo (Lee Jangwoo) and Chaewoo Lee (Jin Ki-joo), who are popular for their sesame-filled romance after graduating from the more delicious Ansuk Chemie. Despite the turbulent narrative of conflict, they rely on each other, heal their wounds, and show their ideal form of love. Above all, the two actors elaborately expressed the’Sweet Boy’ and’Sweet Boy’, which exploded synergy in each scene, completing a romantic romance that penetrated Sam Kwang-le’s sensibility.

The second candidates are’James-Beauty’ couple who showed the essence of’Flower Middle-aged Romance’, Woo Woo Woo (Boo Seok) and Jung Min Jae (Jin Kyung). The two, with a long history of love and hatred, couldn’t give up their regrets after divorce, lingering around and burning Sam Kwang-le’s sorrow with a breathtaking emotional line that seemed to reconcile. In particular, Junghoo’s painful reflection, who realized his love for his wife, belatedly snipes the taste of viewers who are enthusiastic about the’regret narrative’.

The third candidate is also tough. ‘Hanse Couple’, who is active as a romance runaway locomotive, and her aunt Lee Man-jung (Kim Sun-young) and his friendly uncle Kim H-Jung-se (In Gyo-jin) have created points of love that have never been attempted. He even wrote grim narratives. The fourth candidate is the’Yvonne-Last Master’ couple drawn by newly emerging love lines, Lee Hae-don (Bona) and Jang Jun-ah (Dong-ha). It is said that it is a relationship just by touching the collar, but a mysterious romance is rising from the appearance of the two who decided to work together because of repeated accidents from the first comical meeting.

The undivided mother-daughter Lee Soon-jung (Jeon In-hwa) and daughter Bit Chae-woon (Jin Ki-joo) were also nominated for the Best Couple Award. The home theater rang by showing a relationship beyond blood, a solid maternal love for a daughter born with a heart, an unshakable faith for such a mother, and blood. The sixth couple against this is also strong. After the end of the conflict, Woo Jeong-hoo (Jeong-seok) and Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo), who had lost memories of Jeong-hu, walked the path of a good-natured rich man to establish a foothold for reconciliation, giving off an unprecedented friendly rich chemistry. Among these prominent candidates, attention is paid to Sam Kwang-ler’s choice of who will win the ‘2020 KBS Drama Awards’ Best Couple Award. 

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