Kang Kyung-joon (36) and Jang Shin-young (35) become the parents of two children.

1 day News 1 Results Kang Kyunjoon and Jang Shin-young were pregnant with a second child, and it is confirmed that they are now in a stable condition. It was the first time in a year that I came to two people who had married in May last year and became a regular couple. Jang Kyung – jun Jang Shin – young said that he was greatly pleased with the second pregnancy news.

Jang Shin-young has been in love with Kang Kyung-joon for five years after he suffered a divorce in 2009 and met through the drama ‘Thorn Flowers’ in 2013. In May of last year, the wedding ceremony and the marriage ceremony was established.

The two also appeared on SBS ‘Sangmyongmon 2 You My Destiny’ last year, and they also gathered topics by disclosing the preparation process for marriage. In particular, Kang Kyung-joon opened his heart to the son of Jang Shin-yong and became a real family. Kang Kyung-joon, Jang Shin-young and the eldest son, are particularly happy about the birth of a new family.

As soon as Kang Kyung-jun debuted with MBC ‘Nonstop’ in 2004, he got attention as a youth star. He has been loved by the public in appearances such as ‘Barefoot Youth’, ‘Great Cat’, ‘Thorn Flowers’, ‘Different Daughter’.

Jang Shin-young entered the entertainment industry through the 2001 Chun-hyang selection contest. He has performed many works such as ‘The Road to Home’, ‘The Bride of the Sun’, ‘Thorn Flowers’ and so on. ‘Beauty up’

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