Kang Ho-dong, tvN New amateur ‘Amor Party’ MC … Star family

The father and mother who raised the stars alone are going to the first broadcast of the TVN ‘single youth search of the dusk – amor party’ (the amor party) which the mother visits the youth.

tvN New amateur ‘Amor Party’ is a program that travels together with the proud grandmothers and grandfathers who have brought together the stars who live in colorful spotlights together. It shows the twilight of singles collecting youths.

In addition, the celebrity children are watching in the studio, and the birth of a different kind of family entertainment that finds the new appearance of the parents is predicted. It was the first broadcast of 10:40 pm on December 9th, followed by “Southeastwest 6”.

As the main MC to lead the studio, Kang Ho-dong, the best host of the Republic of Korea, will show his outstanding empathy and dedication. It is hoped that the parents who traveled and the children watching them will delight both sides.

‘Amor Party’ ‘s first single twilight tour group, Lee Chung-ah, Huh Ji-woong, Bae Yoon-jung, Narsha and Ha-bein’s parents travel together to give five-color charm.

A long-time actor in care of his wife The actor of the actor Lee Cheong-aa, the father of the actor, Huh Ji-woong’s mother who already showed his face through broadcasting and liked the viewers, the mother of the choreographer Paek Yoon- The parents of the five performers will go on a healing trip, from the mother of singer Narcia, who is responsible for the livelihood of the family, to the father of B-boy Haifudong who has been in charge of the two children since their thirties.

Especially, the main characters of this tour group are going to go on a cruise trip called King of the end of the trip. The grandparents and the strangers of the performers who have been alone for various reasons show off their hidden talents by showing their own age that “they are only a number” through their new experiences.

Park Ji-yoon, a broadcaster, and ‘Highlight’ Son Dong-woon, Park Ji Yoon captures the hearts of parents at once with their daring preparations and unmatched affinity, and Son Dong Woon emits energy in his 20s and plays an active role in bringing parents to new challenges.

The children’s healing family program TVN ‘Amor Party’ will be broadcasted at 10:40 pm on December 9th, to know the parents who went back to regain their lost youth and their parents who have not known yet.

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