On the 19th, Kang Daniel released his solo debut album ‘Color on Me’ track list through official website and SNS. The public list includes five tracks starting with ‘INTRO’, ‘Color’, ‘What are you doing,’ ‘Horizon’ and ‘I HOPE’.

Gang Daniel was involved in the production process as well as the anxiety that he wanted to find his own color with this album and the desire to make the color of the future. He participates in four songs except for the intro, and his expectations for his musical color are enhanced.

The title song ‘What to do’ with ‘Divine Channel’ contains a brief but impressive Bell theme. With 808 sound and dreamy synth sound, the trendy and popular refrain was added to maximize Gang Daniel’s trendy image. It is anticipated that it will be a gift to reward fans who have been waiting for the river Daniel.

In addition, ‘I HOPE’ on the last track is a song by Kang Daniel from concept to lyric with the producer team ‘Flow Blow’, a melodious song in a sophisticated beat and an authentic message to fans I have more expectations of my life.

Kang Daniel’s solo debut album, ‘Color on Me’, which attracts a lot of attention with its lineup, will be able to meet all songs on the online music site before 6 pm on the 25th.

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