Singer Daniel Steel has prepared a music career as soon as possible.

A member of KONNECT Entertainment, one of the founding members of the Kangnam company, said on the 10th of October that “Gang Daniel’s solo debut in July and August has not been finalized yet. I’m in the process of getting ready. ”

Earlier this month, media reported that Gang Daniel had teamed up to return to action in his July solo debut. However, the exact timing of comeback has yet to be confirmed.

Gang Daniel, who made his debut as Warner One Center after passing Mnet ‘Produced 101 Season 2’ in 2017, received a great deal of love from many people. Gang Daniel ‘s popularity and subjectivity still persisted even in the absence of solo activities due to the exclusive contract dispute with LM Entertainment after the Warner –

In the meantime, Gang Daniel, who was judged by the court last month to be suspended from the exclusive contract, was allowed to start his own entertainment activities. Gang Daniel, who announced his return to SNS live broadcasting on the last 9 days with more than 180,000 people, officially announced the establishment of a one-man agency on the day and announced his solo debut.

Connect Entertainment is anticipating what variety of activities Gang Daniel will show.

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